OFM Double Feature

Planet X Players 2011 Season Announcement:

Live at the Bug!
Bug Theatre 3654 Navajo St, Denver
Planet X Players presents Odam Fie Mud in two weekends of spectacular
Rock Fu Theater Double Features!

Music performed by the War Ensemble

June 24th and 25th at 8pm
OFM: Sea of Blood / Cycle of Tyranny

August 19th and 20th at 8pm
OFM: Sea of Blood / Cycle of Tyranny

Tickets $10, $8 with costume!

Sea of Blood
Avast! Join Captain Jake Tempest and his pirate crew on their quest
for glory and gold on the high seas. That is, if ye be bold of heart,
ye land lubber!

Cycle of Tyranny
The fall of the Old Shogun triggers a power struggle for dominion of
feudal Japan in this terrifying tale of tyranny and treachery.

Coming Soon – Beast of Babylon
With King Shulme’s daughter in the clutches of his rival Lugula, the
Hero of Gutium must enlist dark forces to defeat him. That is, if the
Beast doesn’t devour him first!

Coming in November 2011:

Cannibal! The Musical