The Players

Seth Iniguez (Writer/Director/Xerxes Klatar)

With a background in game design and science fiction writing, Seth has been writing sketch comedy and performing for Planet X Players since 2003. Other projects include OFM, bit parts in independent films, and galactic domination.

Meg Spohn Bertoni (Betty)

Meg has an extensive background in performance, including theater, dance, music, and modeling. She also plays lifecoach Dr. Meg on KGNU radio and teaches acting classes at John Casablanca Modeling and Career Centers. Maybe it’s not easy being green, but it is pretty cool.

Little Fyodor (President Archibald Proctor)

Little Fyodor has fronted an offbeat, theatrical punk rock act, with partner-in-crime Babushka, for over 20 years now, performing mostly songs of his own composition, both for live audiences and on studio recordings, including last year’s Public Eyesore release, Peace Is Boring. Since 1982, he has deejayed a radio show known as “Under The Floorboards”, featuring do-it-yourself experimental music, broadcast on local public station, KGNU. He has played odd roles in a few local movie productions, but Captain Swift and the Invasion from Dimension X marks his premiere as an actor in a theatrical production.

Joni Pierce (Rachael Proctor/Andrella)

Joni currently works in non-profit theatre administration and has a background in arts management and theatre production. She has previously performed on the Bug stage in The Department of Redundancy Department’s The Ten Buddhist Tales and Don Becker’s Subgenious Police. And, of course, Freak Train. She is also the bassist for local band Underground Karmic Retribution. . She would like to thank the Bug Theatre and the folks at the Technicolor Dreamhouse.

Jessamyn Geesama (High Priestess Varikya)

Jessamyn Geesaman is an actress, writer, and comedian. You may have seen her at the Bug before, perhaps at Freak Train or in Night of the Living Dead. Even in a few local films. Jessie also enjoys set construction, special effects make up, and costuming. She would like to thank her family, & friends for all their love, support, and material.

Linn (Tresdek)

Linn has been in a number of shows, and is a regular for both Freak Train and the Planet X Players. He has worked alongside Seth as half of a comedy duo and sketch actor for Planet X, as well as in his own independent performances of singing, acting, and stand-up comedy. His major in college, Linn has always had a love for theater and his bizarre acting style has solicited roars of laughter from his audiences.

Pat Angello

Pat Angello discovered he had an odd talent while in college, which happens to many people, but this isn’t what you think. These were the days where lip-synch contests ruled the campuses, and Pat participated in every one he could. Then, the idea to add puppets entered his mind. The crowd went wild and Pat placed, well, third. After trying a little stand-up at the open-forum known as Freak Train, Pat decided to resurrect the lip-synching with puppets and it was an instant hit. Known as “the puppet guy”, Pat is always looking for ways to reinvent the puppet/lip-synching “talent” as often as he can, even performing with 3 and 4 puppets at once.

Max Mago

Max Mago is a figment of your imagination.

Ryan Pierce (Captain Swift)

Ryan Pierce has a lifelong love of theater, though rarely as a performer. As both a Freak Train regular and friend of Seth Iniguez, he was lured into the Planet X Players by cunning use of libations by Seth. When not saving the Galaxy he teaches Kung-Fu.

Sam Duran (Stagehand, Promotions)

Sam Duran is an ongoing contributor and supporter of the underground Denver arts and music scene. In the early 90’s, Sam toured with Psychic TV and Crash Worship performing visual installation and lighting. Later that decade, Sam founded Tempus-Terram, a major promoter of industrial, noise and dark wave music. Tempus-Terram provided lighting and video for bands such as Rasputina, Electric Hellfire Club, and Death in June to name a few. Sam has also featured art work in numerous Denver galleries such as the Edge Gallery, Tri Noble, and Arco Isis. The next event Sam will be contributing to is the Denver Noise Festival 4/30 – 5/1.

Katie Dunning (Lights)

Katie has seen several shows at the Bug Theater and is excited to be working on one now. Katie has just completed most of Red Rocks Community College tech theater classes and has also completed the Colorado Film School degree for Cinematography.



  1. That is so hot! Will you marry me?

  2. Way to go!….We WILL be there at some point to envision your vision.

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